Mishabarach - Prayer to Heal by Ronit Galazan

A Prayer to Heal – Mishabarach- this piece was very personal

I’ve decided to create blog posts to explain what my work is about and what compelled me to create it. My goal is to bring more meaning, understanding and appreciation for each piece. I also hope it helps ignite curiosity and enthusiasm in you, my reader.

Today, I will discuss Mishabarach, a Prayer to Heal – Acrylic on canvas, 30×40, 2009

At the time, a dear friend of mine had fallen ill and it was not clear if she was going to make it. This painting depicts a woman facing away from us. Her jugular is exposed as is her naked body, her physical heart and her spiritual heart. Disease exposes our human weaknesses. The drips coming down expose the daggers of the disease raining down upon her.

But the colors I chose are not depressing. In fact, they are hopeful. She’s not looking down. Her posture is not that of weakness. The prayer written over her body is called Mishabarach – a Prayer to Heal.

It’s consider a prayer for divine intervention: “God, do something!” It’s also more of a communal and public affirmation of hope — binding people together in a shared experience. It’s one of the central Jewish prayers for those who are ill or recovering from illness or accidents. The prayer takes its name from the first two words: “mi” and “shabarach” meaning, “the One who blessed.”

It asks that the One who blessed our ancestors bring about a complete healing for the person for whom the blessing is said. The prayer asks for the physical cure as well as spiritual healing, asking for blessing, compassion, restoration, and strength, within the community of those facing illness.

With the prayer written over the woman, the drips coming down also signify the community, friends and family’s love and prayers for her health to return. Prayer is converging over her physical and spiritual heart. She is not weakened spiritually by the experience. She has hope and strength in her community to come together and support her. Mishabarach is a gift.

This piece is available for purchase on my website here. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. And if you haven’t already, please sign up for my news letter.

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I am a Chicago based artist working in acrylics, spray paint and mixed media. My work genres are generally word art, inspirational, powerful women themes, and Judaica.

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