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Graffiti Thoughts is the storyboard of the 21st century. I use positive phrases and words that you can wrap around and carry with you everywhere you go. Use this scarf to inspire yourself and others to appreciate all that we already have. You’ll see quotes like, ‘Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful’, ‘Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out’, ‘Listen Hard’ and my favorite, ‘Be the kind of person you want to meet’. Find the phrase that resonates with you!

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Additional information

Original Material

100% silk georgette

Original Size

42 x 53

Please note that I do not keep many scarves in stock. I prepare them as they are ordered. I ship them in a beautiful gift box, wrapped in tissue paper with a card from me about the scarves. Shipping is FREE for all domestic boxes shipped in the US and will be sent USPS Priority mail. NOTE: if you are buying more than one scarf, adjustments will be made to shipping cost. All domestic orders include tracking.

Shipments of more than one scarf: I include a lovely gift box with every scarf. Only one gift box can fit in a USPS small flat rate shipping box. The maximum number of scarves I can place in a gift box is 2. If you would like a separate box for each scarf, I will have to use a medium USPS flat rate shipping box. I can fit from 2 to 9 scarves/gift boxes in a medium USPS flat rate shipping box. And I will use a large USPS flat rate shipping box for up to 12 scarves/gift boxes. International prices will apply.

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