Beauty Imperfect

Women today feel pressure to reach a level of perfection that has been defined to them by corporate America. It’s unattainable, we know it, yet we question ourselves everyday.

Why can’t we answer to ourselves and not to the standards that have been dictated by others?

There is so much beauty within yet we present to the world the trend of the day, as opposed to our true beauty.

In these paintings I strive to reclaim the concept of beauty by celebrating the female form in various stages of life. I use text, color, and drips to obscure images — and images to obscure text. The layers compete with each other, yet bind them together. For me, these elements convey strong  images of how women portray beauty to themselves and to the world.

The work is provocative and intriguing. It visually stimulates the viewer to reexamine how language and images define beauty and manipulate it.