Don't Judge Me by Ronit Galazan

Cool Painting… what does it mean? What was the story behind it? Why were you compelled to make it? How long did it take you?

I find that when people are drawn to artwork, these are just some of the questions that are going through their heads. Something catches their eye and keeps them exploring.

Since I too am asked these questions, I’ve decided to create several blog posts going forward to explain what my work is about and what compelled me to create it. My goal is to bring more meaning, understanding and appreciation for each piece. I also hope it helps ignite curiosity and enthusiasm in you, my reader.

The two pieces I will discuss today are called Don’t Judge Me and Acceptance.   They are about how as women we feel we’re being ‘watched’ for our inadequacies.

Acceptance by Ronit Galazan

Acceptance by Ronit Galazan

In the piece called Acceptance there is a cute nose and perfectly plump lips while the original eyes are covered by beautifully colored butterflies. The butterflies are covered with eyes looking in every direction. They are watching your every move. Watching your every flaw. But who is the one really watching you? I find that most people are too self-centered to be watching anyone but themselves. ‘They’ are not watching you. It’s your own inner voice telling you it’s time to make changes to your appearance.

Along the left side of the painting are names of things we do to ourselves to make us feel better. Brow lift, face lift, Botox, rhinoplasty and chemical peels just to name a few.

In full disclosure, I am NOT judging anyone who chooses to do anything that helps them feel better about themselves. I am not against any of these procedures. Acceptance is about self-acceptance and about acceptance other people’s choices. My forehead would be smooth if I could afford Botox all the time! I accept my body and the aging it’s going through, but that doesn’t mean I want to keep them as they are!

The quote in the butterfly wing says ‘Because I want to see acceptance in your…’ and you can complete the sentence. Maybe the quote should have been changed to say ‘Because I want to see and feel acceptance of myself’.

Don’t Judge Me  is available as an original or print by clicking here. And Acceptance is available as a print by clicking here.

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I am a Chicago based artist working in acrylics, spray paint and mixed media. My work genres are generally word art, inspirational, powerful women themes, and Judaica.

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