I had been going through some health issues, turned 50 years old and on a personal quest for self improvement both mentally and physically.

I was mesmerized by a piece of Ronit's graffiti art and out of the clear blue, gave her a call. I did not know Ronit. I felt instant connection to her beautiful spirit and loved seeing her expressive & colorful pieces around her studio. After our meeting, it took me seven months, YES a very long time to come to terms with myself and what I wanted to reveal to people entering my home. Family, friends, acquaintances who would see the art Ronit would create for me, hanging publicly for my world to see.

Ronit was patient, transparent, empathetic and supportive to my fear of judgement and releasing my vulnerability to my outside world. I trusted her with my deep inner secrets. Ronit helped me build courage and settled my anxiousness of being me. I loved the contact we had, our meetings, our emails, just like having a new friend. A super creative and intelligent friend. Plus, Ronit is lovely to work with.

On delivery day she personally hung my painting. When she arrived at my home Ronit shared, "I gave this painting the title 'Lisa's Power'" At that moment I literally fought tears back, again scared to be me. Now I sit with a spectacular piece, hung at focal point in my home.

'Lisa's Power' is the best gift I could have given to myself.

Lisa P. Deerfield, Illinois April 21, 2016

The scarf is absolutely exquisite! The gift box is lovely, and the packaging was secure and neatly done.

Thank you for your kind attention to our order and for making it so special.

Jill M. Chicago, Illinois April 21, 2016

The customized Graffiti painting you created proudly hangs in my home as a key focal point and conversation piece. The positive energy, feedback and compliments I get are amazing and astounding. Your process of coming to view my space and colors, to interviewing my life story, to create such a personalized and meaning biographical story was beyond expectations and so unique. You were so generous with your time, homemade soup and challah, it was impossible not to feel I made a new friend for life. I wish you much success. You deserve it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Alan C. Northbrook, Illinois December 22, 2015

Ronit Galazan is an artist with a unique and powerful style. She works with each of her clients to develop a message that is personally meaningful to them, and then brings their vision to fruition in a stunningly beautiful way. Each of Ronit's pieces, while different, has a style that clearly makes it recognizable as one of her works.
In addition to having unquestionable talent, Ronit is an absolute joy to work with; she is both completely approachable and modest about her tremendous skills. Ronit is truly the antithesis of the "diva" artist, and will even come to her client's  home to help collaborate on a painting of appropriate size, shape, and scope for their living space. I currently own three of her works, and look forward to acquiring more in the years to come.

Jen G. Deerfield, Illinois November 13, 2015

Thank you for the painting. It looked great in the pictures, but somehow was even better in real life - really amazing.

John D. Northville, Michigan November 10, 2015

Ronit was fantastic to work with and the most important thing is that the artwork looks incredible in the space. She is a very talented artist and you won't be disappointed with your purchase.

James Y. Chicago, Illinois November 10, 2015

We purchased two paintings from Ronit. One hangs in our dining room, the other in our living room. They are both very different. Ronit is an extremely talented artist and creates very unique, beautiful works of art that range from being more traditional to modern.

Jill Highland Park, Illinois November 8, 2015

I first met Ronit Galazan about 2 years ago at the Highland Park Art Center where her powerful work was on exhibition. As she described her paintings to me, I immediately connected with her deeply empathic style which spoke to me about girl and women empowerment and finding comfort in that we are not alone in the often painful transformative process of fully expressing our authentic selves.

As soon as I laid eyes on ‘Be Who You Are’, I felt chills, she was me. The woman in the portrait is a strong, soft, bold, sensual, fearless, edgy, alpha female. I couldn't stop thinking about the painting, and a year later I contacted Ronit and purchased it. Over the course of the last year of my life, ‘Be Who You Are’ has at times inspired me, intimidated me, given me strength, and comforted me — that's how powerful this painting is.

Rebecca P. Evanston, Illinois November 8, 2015

I am the proud owner of an original Ronit Galazan acrylic. Ronit painted both my daughters in a piece that communicated their relationship and individuality. In her painting she used perfect words to depict each one individually and together as sisters. As a parent when I look at the painting I feel a sense of pride, happiness and joy to my core. When my friends and daughters' peers see the painting it actually helps them to understand my daughters through Ronit’s eyes and gives them a new perspective too.

What I love most about Ronit’s work is her bravado in taking on challenging issues and not backing away for fear of reactions or rejection. Her signature trademark of graffiti with a realistic face, body or place in the background leads to many wonderful and emotional conversations. When viewing Ronit’s artwork it opens universal doors to individual’s emotions that have been held in way to long.

Jan Scarsdale, New York November 8, 2015

We have Ronit’s art in both our Chicago condo and summer home in Door County – guests are always drawn to her paintings – the use of color and the content are amazing. Ronit is a very talented artist and we continue to add her work to our collection.

Ted J. Chicago, Illinois November 8, 2015