Inside Out I & II by Ronit Galazan

My latest artwork series is called Inside Out. I was inspired by watching everyone I know face down and thumbs moving on electronic gadgets. I’d see people at the grocery store on the phone while images of promotions and products are in every aisle as well as heard over-head on speakers. Even when I’m driving carpool no one talks, everyone is scrolling in their own worlds while the radio spews commercial after commercial.

With so many images coming at us from our phones, tablets, computers, tv’s, and radios it’s hard to truly focus on any one item. Everything becomes a blur. Are we capable of thinking outside the box?  The phone/laptop/tablet box?

We’ve become desensitized by most images. We are less cerebral and more epidermal. My series Inside Out depicts how letters words and numbers no longer penetrate our brains, everything just washes over us or sits on the surface. More paintings from this series are on the way…

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I am a Chicago based artist working in acrylics, spray paint and mixed media. My work genres are generally word art, inspirational, powerful women themes, and Judaica.

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