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Because a Woman Has Her Place – By Ronit Galazan

Sep 18, 2016

My goal of this piece is to show that women have been behind bars and held back regarding their accomplishments and desires to move ahead in our country. The woman is ‘jailed’ behind the stripes except for her eyes and her hard-worked, veined hands; hands that have labored and formed callouses and scars. Her fingers are knitted together to form a bond and represents her determination to not give up. Her thumbs and forefingers form a shape that represents her uterus and the life she has created, given, and sustained.

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Do You Love By Ronit Galazan

Word Art Painting – Toned Down Colors, Turned Up Message

Aug 2, 2016

I’ve turn up my message and tone down the movement and color scheme. Here is the outcome – two pieces that can be sold together or separately. The artworks are called ‘Do You Love’ and ‘Can You Live’ . The quotes are not always clear, but they are worth figuring out. I share this with the deepest gratitude for my ability to paint and hopefully inspire.

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RoGaWear Logo

Introducing RoGaWear!

Jun 13, 2016

I created an activewear line based on my graffiti art. These inspirational pieces are wearable art creations for working out. Introducing RoGaWear – Activewear for women.

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