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Visions of Catie Revisited

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So There really is a Catie and her wish was to see butterflies, which is how I created the original version of this piece. Catie is now older and I wanted to reflect that she’s growing up and that I’ve moved forward as a painter too. Visions of Catie Revisited has more layers and deeper colors, something that happens to all of us as we experience more of what life has to offer.

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Additional information

Original Material

Acrylic on canvas

Original Size

30 x 30

Year Painted



Original artworks are finished with a transparent varnish containing UVLS protection. Framed gallery wrapped – ready to hang – hardware attached

Original gallery wrapped artwork and giclée gallery wrapped artwork are packed and shipped very carefully. Details are important and so is your painting. I layer each piece with an acid free paper to protect the paint, then protective corners made of cardboard are placed on the painting. I then wrap a protective palette plastic wrap several times around the piece. Next I create a cardboard layer around the painting. Finally, I bubble wrap the whole piece, and place the whole secured mummified painting into a box.