I love creating personalized graffiti pieces for people! It brings me such joy to paint pieces with personal messages for my clients that are funny, witty, and positive.

  • Include ideas, things you like, don’t like, colors you like and don’t like. Think about the room the piece will be displayed and consider the shapes, colors, and scale of other objects in the room.
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The Commissions Process

Once you’ve decided you must have this type of artwork, we can begin the process of creating! If you have a list of quotes at the ready, that’s great. If not, I will provide you with ideas for quotes, images and numbers that we can imbed in your piece. Once we have enough to work with, I will begin the process of creating layers upon layers of background and then start layering your words on top.

The layering process continues until the painting is complete. You’ll have 3 chances to make changes. Once the piece has your approval, I will varnish it with several layers of satin UVLS protection varnish, add hanging hardware and ship it to you! The whole process will take about 3-4 weeks. When we begin our discussions, I’ll have a better idea of how long the process will take.