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Ronit Galazan in front of her painting: Here to Stay What I believe in…

Keeping positive people and messages around me. Knowing there is work to be done in the world and using my art to spread the word.

My enthusiasm for life and what is important to me is expressed through vibrant colors and subject matter. Visual art is essential for me as I am dyslexic.

That being said, I LOVE word art, graffiti, and inspirational quotes. I use them as a way to not only express my creativity but also to fight my fears of using letters and numbers. Dyslexia is no longer a crutch I use to stop me from writing and creating.

A Few Words about Me…

Ronit Galazan in her studio with brushes

I was always creative, but didn’t know how to express it or was too scared to try. Well, that changed around 20 years ago when I picked up a paint brush and just let go!

I have a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in advertising and have worked in the business and on the client-side for several years in Los Angeles. Fast forward, I now live in Chicago where I find inspiration in the seasons and enjoy walks and yoga.

My paintings are ever-evolving and my work is now expanding to other media. Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see my latest work, inspirations, and find out about upcoming shows.

New Media, New Wearable Art

RonitGallery now has a subsidiary, RoGaWear! I’ve found a way to merge my love and passion for working out, hiking, and yoga and creating art together. RoGaWear is an activewear line based on my word art. Using the inspirational quotes that motivate me, I’ve included them in print on my leggings and capris to motivate you!

Ronit Galazan in her studio with paints and brushes What you get when you purchase from RonitGallery…

Me! You also get everything I can give to make a piece beautiful, speak to me and in turn speak to you. Thank you for considering buying one or more of my pieces. I invite you to find your own personal connection in a string of words.

I use the color, size, and negative space on and between the words and figures to infuse emotions and feelings into a canvas. My works use bold color and drips, splashes, and sprays of paint to represent an urban feel and lack of control that bring my pieces to life. I use free form writing and stencils to show a freedom and constraint for thoughts I want to convey.

It’s an honor for me to have you browse, consider, and be inspired to own a piece I created.

What does ‘Ronit’ mean?

Ronit (Ro-neat) is a Hebrew name meaning song. Painting is the way I choose to express the melodies going on within me!



I love my custom painting by Ronit. She was wonderful to work with and the design process was so much fun. I smile every time I look at my painting.
I am thrilled beyond words at the amazing commissioned piece that Ronit made for my family.
New York
Working with Ronit was a pleasure. She took time to come to our house, see the space, and get a feel for what we wanted.
My parents were absolutely thrilled with the painting and hung it in a place of pride in their kitchen.
I loved working with Ronit in picking out some artwork for my home.
Ronit Galazan touching up a gold foil painting in her studio.
Ronit Galazan painting in her studio

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