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It’s finally here… RoGaWear, Activewear for Women!

There are some things in life I truly enjoy and working out is one of them. I love yoga, kickboxing, hiking, a great workout, and Zumba; I do it all. And, I also love to create art. So, I discovered a way to bring these two worlds together.

I created an activewear line based on my graffiti art. These inspirational pieces are wearable art creations for working out.  Introducing RoGaWear – Activewear for women.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone capri back

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Capri – Back

RoGaWear legging and capri designs come directly from my colorful graffiti paintings. I love using meaningful quotes, words and numbers used in either a uniform or haphazard manner in order to express my feelings. I want to motivate women to know their worth, helping them achieve the mental and physical strength of their dreams.

For the paintings, I begin the process by creating multiple layers of background and then place my words on top. The process continues until the painting feels complete. Like my ‘strong woman’ scarf collection, the artwork highlights quotes about finding the fire within, personal strength and reaching our ‘A ha’ moments. The inspirational quotes emphasize never giving up or giving in and staying true to what make us feel strong.

One of my favorite forms of art, I enjoy the urban feel of the layers of paint, letters, stencils, and freehand. I love how my colors overlap each other like tall buildings, traffic, and people running in a bustling city. I love using inspirational quotes, words and numbers in a spontaneous fashion in order to get a feeling across.

The leggings and capris with the same name have different print designs. Even though the art is based on the same painting, the placement of the quotes will be found in different places.

I love that these leggings and capris have just the right amount of compression to hold in sensitive body parts, but not enough to squeeze too tight. The rise comes up to the waist, just below the belly button, alleviating muffin top!

I hope to expand my brand to other clothing items and accessories very soon. But for now, enjoy your RoGaWear leggings and capris! Go to and choose the activewear that makes you want to MOVE!

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RoGaWear is a subsidiary of RonitGallery.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone - Legging - Front View

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – Legging – Front View

Graffiti Thoughts capri front

Graffiti Thoughts – Capri – Front View

Love is in the Middle Legging - Front View

Love is in the Middle – Legging – Front View

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I am a Chicago based artist working in acrylics, spray paint and mixed media. My work genres are generally word art, inspirational, powerful women themes, and Judaica.

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  1. Angela K Rider on June 14, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    I am so excited about these yoga pants! It’s a delight to be inspired by your spirit and your artwork! Sharing what you enjoy in a way that makes it accessible and from the heart makes all the difference!
    Thank you for being such a strong leader and visionary. Your light shines a beacon for all! Love it! Love you!

    • Ronit Galazan on June 14, 2016 at 4:11 pm

      Thank you! It’s women like you that make me want to create for the inner-strength of all women!

  2. Randee Romanoff on June 14, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    Wow Ronit,
    These are very cool! Good luck !

  3. Gayl Walder on June 18, 2016 at 1:04 am

    You never cease to amaze me! From someone who has your art on her wall and loves it more each day, I can’t wait to get a pair of graffiti leggings. You are awesome!