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Personalized Graffiti Art – what’s in it for you?

Lori's Graffiti - Original Word Art / Graffiti Artwork by Ronit Galazan at RonitGallery

Many people have asked me how I create my Word Art/Graffiti canvases and what inspires me and now I’m going to let you know!

I’ve collected inspiring, funny, and thoughtful quotes for many years. And for a long time, I had sticky notes all over my house. But as you know the stickiness fades and notes get lost. And, when I most needed the inspiration of a particular quote, I had no idea where it was. So I devised a way to put all of my favorite quotes in one space in a creative and inspiring way using my favorite medium – paint!

Friends loved the idea and started requesting their own personalized graffiti/quote canvases using their families’ favorite quotes, lines from songs, birthdates as well as using the colors that most attracted them. These pieces have become very meaningful to my clients and the focus of their rooms. Here are a few examples of personalized canvases.

Let me create one just for you! Please contact me to discuss your personalized graffiti art. You can learn more about the process by going to my Commissions page.

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