Sides of a Woman I by Ronit Galazan

She’s Got a Great Body….

… body in art, that is! Here are a few pieces I created for a show called Beauty Imperfect, but were not displayed due to the riskee nature of Sides of a Woman II. These pieces celebrated how women can be strong, vulnerable, sexual, and feel beautiful naked – physically and emotionally.

In these pieces called Sides of a Woman I and Sides of a Woman II I’ve tried to unwrap just some of the facets of a woman’s beauty. Her physical side, her emotional side, her need for sexual release, intellectual stimulation and romance.

Sides of a Woman I by Ronit Galazan

Sides of a Woman I by Ronit Galazan

Sides of a Woman I is a very vulnerable piece. Her nudity shown from different angles, in different colors and in different textures. She represents all woman in that every woman has strengths, vulnerabilities and feelings towards her body. She’s most comfortable showing you her backside because than she can’t read your judgements. Her face is drawn in two different ways in one portrait and neither shows her full face. A freeze frame of her face is not enough to represent who she is. She will surprise you. She’s not yet strong enough to look at you head on.

Sides of a Woman II by Ronit Galazan

Sides of a Woman II by Ronit Galazan

In Sides of a Woman II, she shows you her romantic side by the love poem written (from the 1700s) on the left side of the canvas. She is showing you her body with no shame that she is a sexual being. Do you think that is her hand or the hand of another person pleasuring her? You can see through her middle, where a woman is most vulnerable and then on the right side of her the numbers and intellectual side. She is not afraid to show you what she is made of. NOTE: the gallery the Beauty Imperfect show was in made an executive decision not to show this piece because many children walk through the space. How do you feel about that? Do you think they were right? How would you answer questions about this piece to your kids?

What makes you feel strong? What do you do to ‘make yourself beautiful’ for society? Send me your comments.

Both Sides of a Woman I and Sides of a Woman II are available as originals or prints.


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I am a Chicago based artist working in acrylics, spray paint and mixed media. My work genres are generally word art, inspirational, powerful women themes, and Judaica.

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  1. Jan on January 19, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    Awesome paintings, love what you wrote about Sides of a Woman I and II.

  2. Angela on January 19, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    Love this discussion. It always amazes me that people pay to expose their children to horrific violence in movies which desensitized them to it; yet they are afraid of nudity, human bodies, ESPECIALLY the female body. No one ever got killed by a nipple!
    I fully support breaking the old controlling mindsets that men AND women have (especially through religious dogma) that make the human body something to be hidden and ashamed of.
    It’s a control and censoring issue. So much to discuss about that!
    Thank you for expressing and not putting limits on your voice or creativity. ?