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Because a Woman has her Place

Because a Woman Has Her Place - Original Portrait Artwork by Ronit Galazan at RonitGallery

Explaining the meaning of my paintings helps me to grow closer to you—my reader and viewer. I hope your understanding of why I create a piece will help ignite curiosity and enthusiasm within you for all art.

Because a Woman has her Place, Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 40, 2016

My goal of this piece is to show that women have been behind bars and held back regarding their accomplishments and desires to move ahead in our country. The woman is ‘jailed’ behind the stripes except for her eyes and her hard-worked, veined hands; hands that have labored and formed callouses and scars. Her fingers are knitted together to form a bond and represents her determination to not give up. Her thumbs and forefingers form a shape that represents her uterus and the life she has created, given, and sustained.

Her fading body represent our limited time on earth and how important it is to contribute our own special talents to each other and our nation. I added the names of many of the strong women that have given their blood, sweat and tears to help create the United States and propel women forward beyond the background and metaphorical bars of repression that we’ve been historically held behind. The red is powerful. Passionate. It’s not to be ignored. These women have brought awareness of our power and worth and have created opportunities for generations of women long after their time on this earth has ceased.

Within the blue square is a woman in a cape holding a baby. She is my recreation of the Statue of Liberty. I’ve removed her crown as that is not what she needs to be recognized as powerful or worthy. And I’ve replaced her torch with a baby that represents the power to create in all forms. A torch doesn’t signify her light. She is sourced by the light that shines from within her. I’ve removed the robe of The Statue and wrapped a cape loosely around her to show she is a sexual woman too who embraces her womanhood and essence and doesn’t need to be bound tightly or controlled or confined. Her cape, like a superhero, does not connotes super-human abilities, but enlightenment instead through creativity, art, education, business, family and nation-building. And unlike a statue, she is free to move about as an equal, think for herself and decide what’s important. Behind her are the words, daughter, mother, friend, lover, sister, wife and teacher; the legacy of womenhood. Every woman can create her own way of being.

You will see many names of inspiring and courageous women here. I encourage you to look them up and read their stories. And since I am the artist, I felt compelled to also add the names of women in my life who I consider strong, kind, smart, beautiful, and have added immense value and love into my life.

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