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Peace In Chaos & Noise that Beauty Can Be – Portraits of Strength

Noise That Beauty Can Be - Original Portrait Artwork by Ronit Galazan at RonitGallery

Cool Painting…

  • What does it mean?
  • What was the story behind it?
  • Why were you compelled to make it?
  • How long did it take you?
  • I wish the artist was here to tell me about that painting!

I find that when people are drawn to artwork, these are just some of the questions that are going through their heads. Something catches their eye and keeps them exploring.

Since I too am asked these questions, I’ve decided to create blog posts to explain what my work is about and what compelled me to create it. My goal is to bring more meaning, understanding and appreciation for each piece. I also hope it helps ignite curiosity and enthusiasm in you, my reader.

Today’s “Tell me about that painting.”

I’m going to discuss 2 pieces:

Peace in Chaos by Ronit Galazan

Peace in Chaos & Noise that Beauty Can Be – portraits of strength, both are Acrylic on Canvas, 48×48, 2012

I chose these two paintings to discuss together because they have the same premise but told with two different styles and vastly different colors. I’ve always enjoyed painting strong women or women seeking clarity on a physical or spiritual realm. I appreciate women who dare greatly and even if they fail, they’ve achieved by attempting what’s scary to them.

Both paintings depict woman who are going through chaos, stress and turmoil in their lives. You can tell by the movement and brush strokes in each piece. But both woman have a peaceful serenity about them. They both choose to stay calm within regardless of what has been thrown at them.

In the painting, Peace In Chaos, her serenity is shown in the relaxed feeling throughout her face and how it is tilted up, almost in bliss. She believes in her self and will get through it all with grace.

In Noise that Beauty Can Be, she shows that she can be unchanged throughout the chaos. The butterfly over the eye represents the delicate beauty she chooses to see and feel over the noise of the colors around her.

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