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Because a Woman Has Her Place – By Ronit Galazan

My goal of this piece is to show that women have been behind bars and held back regarding their accomplishments and desires to move ahead in our country. The woman is ‘jailed’ behind the stripes except for her eyes and her hard-worked, veined hands; hands that have labored and formed callouses and scars. Her fingers are knitted together to form a bond and represents her determination to not give up. Her thumbs and forefingers form a shape that represents her uterus and the life she has created, given, and sustained.

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Word Art Painting – Toned Down Colors, Turned Up Message

Do You Love By Ronit Galazan

I’ve turn up my message and tone down the movement and color scheme. Here is the outcome – two pieces that can be sold together or separately. The artworks are called ‘Do You Love’ and ‘Can You Live’ . The quotes are not always clear, but they are worth figuring out. I share this with the deepest gratitude for my ability to paint and hopefully inspire.

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Introducing RoGaWear!

RoGaWear Logo

I created an activewear line based on my graffiti art. These inspirational pieces are wearable art creations for working out. Introducing RoGaWear – Activewear for women.

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A Prayer to Heal – Mishabarach Painting

Mishabarach - Prayer to Heal by Ronit Galazan

I create blog posts to explain my work. My goal is to bring more meaning, understanding and appreciation for each piece and I hope it helps ignite curiosity and enthusiasm in you. I will discuss Mishabarach – a Prayer to Heal Acrylic on canvas, 30×40, 2009

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Warm Lentil Recipe

It’s now April, And I was going to share one of my favorite warm-weather lentil recipes, but the weather in Chicago this week is freezing with blustery snow and wind. Therefore, I’m going to share my warm hearty Lentil recipe which will fill you up, lower your blood sugar and keep you warm until a warm spring arrives!

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Boxing – Laila Ali – Painting by Ronit Galazan

Boxing Laila Ali by Ronit Galazan

Cool Painting, what does it mean? What was the story behind it? I’ve create several blog posts to explain my work. Today’s I’ll discuss Boxing – Laila Ali. I love Laila Ali! She is an incredibly strong woman mentally and physically and I find her strength and determination incredibly beautiful. When I was preparing pieces for my Imperfect Beauty collection, I wanted to show women who are vulnerable as well as women who could pack a punch! And then it came to me – it all centers on Laila Ali. The portrait I painted of her is of a very determined woman.

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Sides of a Woman

Sides of a Woman I by Ronit Galazan

I’ve create blog posts to provide information about my art. Today’s discussion centers around two pieces called Sides of a Woman and Sides of a Woman II. I’ve tried to unwrap just some of the facets of a woman’s beauty. Her physical side, her emotional side, her need for sexual release, intellectual stimulation and romance.

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Am I Still a Woman – Life After Cancer

Am I Still a Woman? original painting by Ronit Galazan

Am I Still a Woman? is the story of a woman who had cancer; beat it; but lost parts of her body as well as part of her identity in the process. She wants to believe she is more than her physical appearance or a vessel for a fetus. She’s trying to find a different and new way to define her femininity on a emotionally and spiritually level.

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Pumpkin Crème Brulee

Pumpkin Creme Brulee - RonitGallery

I’m not willing to give up on the warmth of late summer just yet. As I shuffle through my fall recipes I came across one of my favorites to make during this short season – Pumpkin Crème Brulee.

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